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Dong Xiaoming

General Manager of
Shenzhen Fine Art Institute

"If the people of a country have a dream, then this country will be able to develop in a much healthier way. Ever since my youth, I have been engaged in cultural politics and building a career in the arts. Over the past 30 years, China's rapid economic development has been accompanied by dramatic political, social, cultural and environmental changes. Within this climate of thoroughgoing changes, a change in culture is particularly important. Mere material wealth is not what Chinese dream is all about. The ideal of our cultural workers is the creation of cultural undertakings which will further promote the overall healthy development of our society. Artists tend to express their ideals through their artistic creation. I am a painter and have been focusing on the ink painting in the recent years. Quiet, pure lotus pond, which symbolises peace and harmony and has always been loved by the Chinese literati, expresses a vision of an ideal world. In my work I blend the traditions of Chinese ink painting, oil painting, printmaking and sculpture with contemporary forms of mixed media and video art. My goal is to continue the long history of Chinese ink painting through my artwork and communicate the spirit of tradition within the contemporary context."

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